A Monograph on MARFA


 A Monograph on MARFA. Sudarshan Raj Tiwari, B.P. Sharma and G. Sharma. Institute of Engineering, 1977. Size 172 x 225 mm., 16 pages + 10 pages of Drawings. Printed at Tribhuvan University Press. No price stated.

This booklet presents a study of the settlement of Marfa located near Tukuche in Mustang district of Nepal. It was published by Institute of Engineering (Tribhuvan University) for use of its students and faculty as a source material for indigenous architecture studies in 1977. This was the first publication lauching its “Indigenous Building Studies Series”.

It covers the village layout planning, the planning of buildings, public health concerns in traditional planning and design, developmental efforts of the government, socio-political possibilities, metamorphosis (paragraph headings).

…Marfa Buildings have been planned to cater to the socio-cultural requirements of the people. Except in very few buildings, living room or “baithak” is around the fire place. The fire place nearest to the entrance, therefore, serves as a place for socialization as well as cooking and eating. Such a custom has resulted from the very pleasant nature of the people and the very cold climate for most part of the year. Usually, this space has a filter space nearby, where people not esteemed enough to sit by the main fireplace, may sit. Because of the cold, animals (eg. horses, mules) are kept inside the house. This will be on the ground floor on the far side of the entrance. Between these spaces, a court yard open to sky but walled from all sides (to curb wind), is usual. On sides of this court are often found Chulohs (large fireplaces) for cooking animal food as well as Jaand (local beer) and liquor….etc.

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