Here is a collection of my publications. All the books and a few of the articles on traditional architecture, urbanism and culture are posted here. The author requests comments and readers views on them.


  1. A Monograph on MARFA: (with co-authors BP Sharma and G Sharma) published by Institute of Engineering, Tribhuvan University. 1977.
  2. Tiered Temples of Nepal: published by Sunita Tiwari, Bishal Nagar. Second edition 1989.
  3. The Ancient Settlements of the Kathmandu Valley: published by Centre for Nepal and Asian Studies, Tribhuvan University. 2001.
  4. The Brick and the Bull: published by Himal Association, Patan. 2002.
  5. The Temples of the Nepal Valley: published by Himal Association, Patan. 2009.



  1. Newar Vaastusastra– A Study of a sixteenth century Newar Manuscripts written on the orders of Prince Bhupatindra Malla. To be published by Center of Applied Research and Development, Institute of Engineering, Tribhuvan University. (April 2013)
  2. Architecture of Nepal in the Ancient Period (VAASTU vol 2, May 2002),
  3. The 55-Windowed Palace Conservation (VAASTU vol 3, May 2001),
  4. The Pit Conduit Water Suppy System of Kathmandu (VAASTU vol 4, May 2002),
  5. Degah, the Triple Chariot of God (VAASTU vol 5, October 2003),
  6. Conservation of Vernacular Architecture (with co-authors, VAASTU vol 6, August 2004),
  7. The Evolution of Dyochhe (VAASTU vol 7, August 2005),
  8. Temple Roofs over Terrace Bars? (VAASTU vol 8, August 2006).
  9. Talking Architecture (Vaastu vol 10)
  10. Mayadevi Temple, Recent Discoveries and its Implications on History of Building at Lumbini (TU Journal 1996),
  11. The Town of Bhaktapur, A Study of Structural Changes over Time (CARD Newsletter),
  12. Ancient Bricks (Hadigaun Seminar),
  13. City Space and Life Then, 150 years ago, (Himal Association Talk).
  14. Devapattana – The Town of the God (Vedic Udbodhan),
  15. Traditional Architecture of Kathmandu Valley, Responsiveness to Earthquake (CEC Workshop IOE, 1998),
  16. Krishna Mandir- An Investigation of its Style (Souvenir issue of Lalitpur Heritage Group),
  17. Manamaneswori Devgharko Prarup Tatha Saili (In Nepali, Hadigaun Seminar),
  18. Learning from Traditional Towns – Spaces and Networks for Sustainable Multi-cultural Urbanism (Nepali Version published in Saharikaran, eds. Vasker Gautam & Janardan Adhikari, Martin Chautari),
  19. Taller Than Thou – Bhimsen Thapa Speaks his Heart out from Dharahara (unpublished),
  20. Kathmandu Valley Urban Capital Region and Historical Urbanism (ADIPA Conference),
  21. Sustainable Urban Development – Lessons from Historic Cities of Asia (Trondheim Conference),
  22. Conservation- the Issue of Civic Acknowledgement (BPKF Conference).



  1. The Conservation of Bhagavati Bahal
  2. A Stone at the Crossroads: What appeared in Kathmandu Post 2009 is posted here unedited
  3. Material Authenticity in Tradition of Conservation in Nepal presented at Thunder International Conference 2009 October, Kathmandu.
  4. A Stone at the Crossroads: What appeared in Kathmandu Post 2009 is posted here unedited
  5. Transforming Patan’s Cultural Heritage into Sustainable Future – This article has been now published as a chapter in the book “Urban Crisis: Culture and the Sustainability of Cities” (ed. M. Nadarajah and Ann Tomoko Yamamoto) published by UNU. Visit UNU at the web site publications
  6. Tearing the Guts out of Newar Architecture. This article discusses how some of the materials and methods of reconstruction is actually destroying the attributes and values of the heritage building itself such as foundations, structural behavior and even visual characteristics of unique significance. Appeared in the Kathmandu Post.