Tiered Temples of Nepal


Tiered Temples of Nepal.Sudarshan Raj Tiwari. Revised Edition published by Sunita Tiwari, Bishal Nagar, Kathmandu, 1989. 107 p., ills., Rs 250.

Contents: List of Illustrations, Foreword to the First Edition, Preface, Notes to the Second Edition. 1.Tiered Temple or A Pagoda? 2. Origins of the Style. 3. The Square Temples – some observations 4. The Rectangular Temples – some observations. 5. Temples of Kirtipur. 6. Variations in Plan Form. 7. The Growth of Urban Form. 8. The Urban Spaces of the Malla Towns. 9. The Immidiate Environment. Index of Terminologies. Bibliography.

The book is out of print. Chapters 1 through 6 and Chapter 9 are rewritten into the newer publication, Temples of the Nepal Valley.